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Recording and Surveying

Kingfisher copyright Brian PhippsRecording the wildlife you see is a great way to help capture data in Somerset, improve your own personal knowledge or just a wonderful excuse to be outside enjoying the beautiful countryside. Records are used in helping to improve and protect our natural habitats.


Recording Groups

Please visit the Specialist Interest Groups page to find out more; the groups are all run by volunteers and welcome more support.  Please note these groups are not all affiliated to SWT.


Personal Records

You don't need in-depth knowledge to make wildlife sightings; everything you see is useful to record as it helps to build a picture of species in Somerset. Whether it's a mammal, a bird or an insect please go to the SERC website to make a note of it. If you have a great number of records please contact them for recording sheets. Visit our WildWalks page for more ideas.


Want to get involved?

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Depending on the season there may be opportunities to get involved with projects focusing on various specific species and habitats.  You can find out more by visiting the SERC website.  Remember to visit our Current Opportunities page to see what's available now, or you can contact to find out if any new projects are on the cards.  


Kingfisher © Brian Phipps