Wildlife gardening

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Wildlife gardening

Planting wildlife-friendly plants - Katrina Martin / 2020VISION

Gardening for wildlife

With an estimated 124,500 gardens in Somerset, covering 19 square kilometres of the county, these spaces have huge potential for nature. Here you’ll find tips and downloads to help you improve your garden so wildlife can thrive, information on how to join our wildlife gardening specialist group, and how to open your wildlife friendly garden in aid of Somerset Wildlife Trust to inspire others to garden for wildlife too.

Snail on gardening gloves

Snail on gardening gloves - Tom Marshall

Wildlife gardening specialist group

Get in touch for advice and guidance on wildlife gardening, no matter if you’re just starting out or your garden is already a wildlife haven. The group is happy to support individuals, gardening clubs, schools and community groups to improve areas for wildlife.

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Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses, South London - Paul Harris/2020VISION

Somerset's Wildlife Gardens

Visit our beautiful wildlife gardens opening this year in aid of Somerset Wildlife Trust, find out how to open your own garden or volunteer to help out.

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beetle on rock with bring back our beetles text

Vaughn Matthews

Wild About Gardens

The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS set up Wild About Gardens to celebrate wildlife gardening and to encourage people to use their gardens to take action to help support nature. This year we are Bringing Back Beetles!

To find out more and download your free guide to Bringing Back Beetles in your own garden visit the link below!

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The Gardening for Wildlife Group has created the following advice sheets and species lists for plants that thrive in Somerset and support a variety of wildlife

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Support Somerset Wildlife Trust with Vine House Farm bird food

Vine House Farm Bird Foods give 4% of every purchase in your area to Somerset Wildlife Trust.  If you're a new customer, Vine House Farm Bird Foods will also give an extra £10 to the Trust! 

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Chaffinch - Sam Hockaday


Who has been visiting?

Hanging a bird feeder in your garden all year round can be a great way of helping out our feathered friends. But do you know which species are visiting your garden?

How to identify common garden birds

Neil Aldridge


Want to hear more from Somerset Wildlife Trust?

As a member, as well as protecting wildlife, you’ll receive a fantastic membership pack including a guide to our nature reserves, our events guide and our Somerset Wildlife magazine.

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Red-tailed bumblebee on bird's foot trefoil - Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

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