Create a Nature Recovery Network

Create a Nature Recovery Network

We need to create a Nature Recovery Network that extends into every part of our towns, cities and countryside, bringing wildlife and the benefits of a healthy natural world into every part of life.

Steve Law

Making space for nature

Currently only 10% of the county can be classified as being in good natural or semi-natural condition with species-rich natural habitats supporting abundant and diverse wildlife, enabling it to move, reproduce and thrive.

For nature to recover, we need to triple the amount of land managed for nature and at the heart of this ambition is the need to create a strong, interconnected network of wild spaces; connecting natural spaces, restoring the resilience of our ecosystems at a landscape scale, and providing us with healthy soils, clean air and water.

Working with our peers, partners, communities, farmers and landowners we will develop positive ‘restoration pathways’ and identify key actions that can be used to improve habitat connectivity and create space for nature. Land of any size can contribute to the Nature Recovery Network – nature reserves, community spaces, gardens, farms, parks, churchyards and schools – it works at any scale.

Nature Recovery Networks

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Hedgerow - Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Nature-based solutions

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A female spiny seahorse (Hippocampus guttulatus) shelters in a meadow of common eelgrass (Zostera marina) - Alexander Mustard/2020VISION

Priority landscapes

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Ham Wall RSPB Nature Reserve, Somersel Levels, Somerset, June 2011 - Paul Harris/2020VISION

Giving nature a voice

In order for nature to thrive, it has to have a voice.  We must become nature's voice.  It's vital that we turn up the volume and shout about the things we feel strongly about happening either on our own doorsteps, in our communities or on a national level.  

Creating a Nature Recovery Network means we must ensure that, at a local and national government level that nature is placed at the heart of all decisions.  From planning policy, agricultural policy, climate adaptation, pesticides, peat or land management practices that damage the natural environment we must take action where we can to bring about change and better outcomes for nature.  You can help by getting involved in our Campaigns. 


Barn owl over field margin

Barn owl (Tyto alba) adult hunting over conservation margin on an arable farm -  Chris Gomersall/2020VISION

Campaign for nature

As the environment comes under increasing pressure, the advocacy work we do across the county and beyond becomes all the more vital. With over 20,000 members in the county, together we can give nature a voice.

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