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About First Ecology

First Ecology provides high-quality, cost effective and timely services focused on facilitating development and conservation schemes. Our expansive range of ecological and arboricultural services, performed to industry standard, support projects throughout their lifecycle whilst guaranteeing compliance with planning policy and wildlife legislation. Our ecological and arboricultural specialists take the utmost pride in service delivery to ensure that we exceed expectations and achieve tangible project results. From the simplest to most complex projects and with the capacity to dynamically resource demanding large-scale projects, First Ecology is an asset to any project.

The role of First Ecology

First Ecology is the consulting subsidiary of the Somerset Wildlife Trust; a rapidly developing practice committed to upholding best practice standards whilst also achieving pragmatic ecological project outcomes. They have established a broad client base which extends across public, private and commercial sectors and provide technical advice and support on development, research, conservation and management schemes across the UK.

First Ecology are experts in the delivery of high quality cost-efficient habitat and species services, and all profits are invested back into Somerset Wildlife Trust work, protecting wildlife for the future. 

What does First Ecology do?

First Ecology provides ecological consultancy, protected species surveys, planning support and land management services to a wide range of clients.


Our ecologists are committed to supporting companies and individuals realise and achieve desired project outcomes from concept to completion. From initial and ongoing discussions, we adapt our approach to accommodate site related factors and project team priorities. First Ecology provides an anytime go-to specialist service and critically gives guidance and reassurance in relation to due-diligence and statutory compliance. Our dedication to projects and experience of sensitive sites means we are well equipped to engage with local planning authorises and other statutory organisations on behalf of our customers. When requested, we can also assist and advise on meeting biodiversity net gain objectives and the creation of legacy spaces which will be enjoyed by future generations.

Our ecological services include:

  • Preliminary ecological appraisals and biodiversity assessments
  • Badger surveys, licensing support and mitigation services
  • Bat surveys, licencing support and mitigation services
  • Bird surveys and mitigation services
  • Hazel dormice surveys, licencing support and mitigation services
  • Great crested newt surveys, licencing support and mitigation services
  • Otter surveys, licencing support and mitigation services
  • Reptile surveys and mitigation services
  • Water vole surveys, licencing support and mitigation services
  • Ecological Clerk of Works
  • Biodiversity Net Gain Assessments


Our arboriculturists have a wealth and knowledge and expertise, routinely preparing submissions to accompany planning applications whilst also contributing to the assessment and management of major arboricultural assets. As passionate technicians, our team contribute to the development of industry standard guidelines and formulate responses to unprecedented arboricultural issues. Utilisation of specialist mapping technology allows us to efficiently capture and share arboricultural information whilst our commitment to wider project objectives ensures that our advice is compatible with all disciplines contributing to a project.  

Our arboricultural services include:

  • Tree surveys
  • Arboricultural impact assessments
  • Arboricultural method statements
  • Tree constraints plans
  • Tree protection plans
  • Tree hazard and risk assessments
  • Woodland management plans
  • Ancient and veteran tree mapping and management plans
  • New woodland creation
  • Countryside stewardship and felling licences
  • Pest and disease identification and strategies
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