Become an expert

Become an expert

The Wolseley Centre, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust - Adrian Clarke

Be our eyes on the ground

The more we understand about species, their behaviour and how populations are dispersed across the county, the better equipped we are to ensure that we protect them for the future. We need more people taking notice of what they see - whether that's in their own home patch, local green space, or in their travels around the county.  Citizen science activities and projects are a great way to learn more about our wonderful wildlife, at the same time as help us to protect it. Check out some ideas below and get involved!

Citizen science

The Great Somerset Wildlife Count

The Great Somerset Wildlife Count

The Great Somerset Wildlife Count will help us ensure that we don't miss important wildlife trends, and can identify ways to protect species before we lose them forever.  With you as our eyes and ears on the ground, collecting and feeding in important wildlife data and information, we'll know where we need to create even stronger links in our county-wide nature recovery network.  

Join in and together we can help make nature count!

Find out more and get involved

Tracks and signs

Discover animal tracks & signs
Make a small mammal tunnel
Nut hunting
How to make a footprint trap
How to plaster cast

Investigate nature

Dissect owl pellets
My street tree
start a nature table
Mark and recapture snails
Make a tumble trap
How to go pond dipping

Watch wildlife

how to make a bird hide
How to watch moths - light trap
Make a pooter
Make a wormery
How to watch moths - Wine ropes

Spotter sheets and ID guides

Need some help identifying what you see?  Click the down arrow to the right for a huge selection of spotters guides to help.  What can you find?

Spotter guides

Bee ID
Hedgerow wildlife detective
river birds
coastal spotter
yellow springtime flowers
Butterfly spotter
Pond wildlife spotter
Minibeast spotter
Urban wildlife spotter
Moth spotter
Birds of prey spotter
Garden bird spotter sheet
After dark spotter
Ducks spotter
Spring flowers spotter