Survey & monitoring reports

Survey & monitoring reports

Chaffinch - Amy Lewis


This page contains links to reports on matters such as survey and monitoring or open access software produced by or on behalf of the Somerset Wildlife Trust.

A copy of these may be downloaded by clicking on the relevant link.

Vegetation Trend Analysis

Vegetation Trend Analysis (VTA) is an easy data-entry, open source tool that is designed to investigate the growth strategies and environmental preferences of sampled vegetation communities. It runs in Microsoft Excel (2007 and 2010).

An introduction to Vegetation Trend Analysis

The paper introduces VTA software, describes how to use it and its potential uses in identifying differences between or changes to sampled vegetation. VTA runs in Microsoft Excel

Introduction to VTA

Traditionally managed wildflower meadow - Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Vegetation Trend Analysis spreadsheet

Oak leaves - Jim Higham

Assessing grassland recovery

Reports on assessing grassland recovery following scrub clearance at two nature reserves.

Assessing Grassland Recovery Following Scrub Clearance at Green Down – Interim Report 2016

Large Blue Butterfly - John Lindley

Assessing Grassland Recovery following scrub clearance at Draycott Sleights – Interim Report 2016

Draycott Sleights - Jeff Bevan

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