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barn owl - Russell Savory

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Meet Finn & Trude!

We are so egg-cited that our lovely barn owl couple in our Blackdown Hills barn owl box this year have produced 4 lovely chicks.  We hope you are enjoying watching them grow. Watch this space - we'll be launching a naming competition soon!

We're getting lots of calls from people worried that they aren't being fed and might have been abandoned as they are only logging on to watch during the day.  This isn't the case. Now they are bigger, the parents don't spend as much time in the box during the day, preferring to roost in the barn ready for a night's hunting while the owlets sleep.  Things come to life at dusk and the parents will swoop in and out with food throughout the night making sure everyone gets a vole or two.  If you scroll further down this page you will come to our comments box where you can read comments from some of our 'owl nuts' who do check in regularly quite late and will log when food deliveries come in - so please don't call the switchboard. All is well so far!

If we want to still see beautiful creatures such as barn owls in the future, we need to make sure we look after the places they call home. We hope they connect you to nature, entertain you and inspire you to take action for nature where you live!




So that we can ensure our streaming is uninterrupted, the feed will automatically close down after 15 minutes on your device. This means we can make sure that there are ‘real’ people viewing and the system isn’t overloaded. You can refresh the page and it will come back in an instant! On occasion, we may experience technical issues. If we do, you can be assured we will be fixing as fast as we can. In some cases, refreshing the page works. 

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The livestream equipment and installation has been kindly funded by the Heritage Emergency Fund.

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