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barn owl - Russell Savory

Meet Finn & Orla

We're so pleased to be able to bring you a live feed so you can get to know Finn and Orla - a successful breeding pair of barn owls living in the Blackdown Hills. (Warning: it's addictive!) 

We're delighted to announce that their 4 owlets are growing up and are getting fluffy. They will develop feathers very soon. Did you know that compared with most birds barn owls have large wings supporting a lightweight body which enables them to  fly very slowly and quietly without stalling and hover with ease? This allows owls plenty of time to locate and pinpoint prey on the ground below! The feathers themselves have adaptations which allow a smooth passage of air over the wings as well as deadening the sound of air hitting the wing edge. This allows barn owls to approach their prey undetected. However, because of some of these features, barn owls' feathers are unfortunately not very waterproof so general avoid hunting in the rain! 

If we want to still see beautiful creatures such as barn owls in the future, we need to make sure we look after the places they call home. We hope they connect you to nature, entertain you and inspire you to take action for nature where you live!


So that we can ensure our streaming is uninterrupted, the feed will automatically close down after 15 minutes on your device. This means we can make sure that there are ‘real’ people viewing and the system isn’t overloaded. You can refresh the page and it will come back in an instant! On occasion, we may experience technical issues. If we do, you can be assured we will be fixing as fast as we can. In some cases, refreshing the page works. 

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The livestream equipment and installation has been kindly funded by the Heritage Emergency Fund.