Barn owl webcam

Barn owl

Barn owl - Jon Hawkins – Surrey Hills Photography

Barn owls in the Blackdown Hills: Livestream

Tucked away in the Blackdown Hills

Our barn owl box in the Blackdown Hills is inhabited by our barn owl couple - Finn and Trude - and before that, it was inhabited by Finn and his other lady owl, Orla. Last year Finn and Trude hatched 4 fabulous owlets, and they successfully fledged and ventured out on their own. We are delighted that they have come back again this year to use the box. 

This is a live and unedited stream of a barn owl webcam. Occasionally you might see disturbing images of the natural world. Our policy is to allow nature to play out without disruption or interference. If you have a problem viewing the stream, please try refreshing your screen.

Disclaimer: This camera is a live feed of wild barn owls. Natural events may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. Additionally, some owlets may not survive due to weather extremes or limited food availability. SWT will not intervene with routine natural events. Ringing of barn owlets will take place when it is determined that owlets are healthy to keep track of barn owl movements and mortality.

Barn owl

Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

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Barn owl


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