Team Wilder

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Team Wilder

Bringing about the change that nature needs.  Together. 

We need you on our Team!

Evidence says that if we get 1 in 4 people taking visible action for nature we create a social ‘tipping point' - a magic moment when a social behaviour (in our case the pro-nature kind) moves the masses do the same.  

We need your help to tip the balance in nature's favour. We need you to join Team Wilder - people taking action for nature across the county that they care about; doers, movers, shakers, ambassadors, campaigners and changemakers.  Because only together can we bring about the change that nature needs!

How can we work together to take action for nature today? Scroll on to find ideas and resources for your community, home and garden. Or watch our Team Wilder launch event here

You can also view all our Team Wilder projects below.

Wilder projects

So, let's get started. From the two options on the left, just pick which best describes you and what you want to do or check out some of our handy resources on the right. And if you're still not quite sure, just keep scrolling and something else might jump out at you...

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Wilder Lives

There's lots of simple things you can do as an individual to make your everyday life a bit wilder, and help nature thrive at home or in your garden. And if you're able to spare some more of your free time you can directly support our work too with activities such as volunteering, fundraising or campaign for us. Find something that works for you. 

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Wilder Communities

It's amazing what can be achieved when people with passion and energy come together.  Whether you are part of an existing community group or want to start one of your own to make a difference for nature on your patch, let us help you make things happen. 

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Wilder Resources

We have loads of handy resources to get your started on your Team Wilder journey! 

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People are stepping forward from every sector of society to lead change for the natural world. Could you be a leader in your community? In your school or workplace?   
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Somerset Wildlife Trust

Put your community group on the map!

Find an opportunity to get involved or add your wilder community on our Team Wilder map below!

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Generation Wilder

We need to give young people a voice. They're the change makers of the future and they need to have access to people who listen and give them the tools and resources to express themselves in creating the future they want. The next generation are a vital energy source for Team Wilder.

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Team Wilder

Wilder Leaders & Champions

We know that there's many people across the county who have the passion and energy to drive positive change for nature in their local area, school, business, land, or workplace. We need people to help lead and organise change and real doers to help us deliver on the ground and get others on board our Wilder movement.  Does that sound like you?

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Team Wilder

Wilder Land & Farming

Farmers and major landowners are vital to nature's recovery and many are already leading the way in making space for wildlife. We learn from and support these pioneering land managers to help build healthier farming systems and bring wildlife back. We also are here to provide advice of our own about how to give your land the wild treatment.

Land management advice
Team Wilder

Wilder Businesses

The natural world is in a state of emergency. Your business can be part of the solution and support nature’s recovery, tackle the climate emergency and, at the same time, enhance the wellbeing of your staff and support the communities in your area.  We support businesses in many ways - find out what works for yours.

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The Wildlife Trusts

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Join over 22,000 members who have made supporting nature part of their everyday life.  Get involved in activities and events, visit wonderful nature reserves, and directly contribute to preserving Somerset’s natural spaces and safeguarding vulnerable wildlife across the county.

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