Land management Advice

Land management advice

Your land giving wildlife a home

Dense flock of Wigeon (Anas penelope) and Common Teal (Anas crecca) taking off from flooded marshes in winter fringed by Bullrushes (Typha latifolia) Somerset Levels, UK, December. - Nick Upton

Nature recovery networks

Everyone can play a part in achieving nature's recovery and make a contribution to a nature recovery network across the country. One that connects, restores, and protects our wild spaces, provides homes for wildlife and routes upon which they can safely travel and expand their populations into the future.  Everything from nature reserves, sites of special scientific interest, agricultural land, business parks, community or school green spaces, meadows and ponds, as well as our gardens at home and micro green spaces such as window boxes and pots are all vital.

More about how a Nature Recovery Network works

Take action for wildlife

We have a range of resources that offer ideas and inspiration for our home patches, and you can explore those here:

Take action for wildlife  Gardening for wildlife

Land management queries

We receive a large number of larger scale land management queries from farmers, large landowners, community groups, local and parish councils and landowning businesses who are looking for specialist advice on a wide range of topics. We want to support people the best we can with the limited resources we have.  It may be that the links above will provide a little more information about how we might support you.  For all other individual queries we ask that you submit an enquiry form below so we can best advise you.

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