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Save our Magnificent Meadows Training

After a really successful three years the Save our Magnificent Meadows project has now come to an end so these pages are provided for information only. However, you can still get involved in helping transform the fortunes of our wildflower grasslands by volunteering with the Magnificent Meadows Conservation Volunteers who are continuing to work on grassland reserves throughout Mendip on the first Thursday of each month. Please click here for more info. 

For information on meadows, including how to create one in your garden or on your own land, please visit the Magnificent Meadows website (link to, which has a huge amount of useful information, or you can get in touch with our Mendip team, here. 

As part of the Save our Magnificent Meadows project, we have run a variety of training days for landowners, local communities or anyone interested in learning more about grassland management.

Workshops have covered topics such as:

Calaminarian grassland

Calaminarian grassland, a very rare habitat, occurs only in areas where suitable substrates are contaminated with heavy metal pollutants. Mining on the Mendip Hills has taken place for centuries and the resulting spoil heaps, typical of 'gruffy' ground, can sometimes support calaminarian grassland. Plant species found on Mendip calaminarian grassland include mountain pansy, spring sandwort, alpine pennycress, sea campion, bladder campion and thrift.

Find out more about calaminarian grassland here.

Grassland Management

These workshops offered the opportunity for smallholders to increase their knowledge of particular farming methods, develop new skills and learn about seed-gathering. They aimed to equip the attendees with knowledge and skills to undertake grassland restoration as well as providing the opportunity to network with other landowners with similar interests. As part of the Save our Magnificent Meadows Project, Plantlife have produced some fantastic advice and guidance information on their website.

Other learning opportunities have included wildflower identification walks, talks covering the history of lead mining and workshops on how to manage horse paddocks for wildflowers.

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Training Dates

We have completed all our training workshops for this year, but please keep an eye on this page for news of any future opportunities.

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If you would like to learn more about grassland management and meadow restoration, contact us at 


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