Training and education

Ross Hoddinott

Learn something new!

Here are a collection of training courses and videos by Somerset Wildlife Trust experts to help you learn more about different areas of conservation, get advice, and apply your learnings to your own community or land. 

Right tree, right place for Mendip

Planting the right trees in the right place can help to safeguard the future of our wildlife, as well as help mitigate climate change.

Experts from Somerset Wildlife Trust and the Woodland Trust provided advice in this online event that aimed to help landowners and communities in Mendip plan successful tree planting and woodland creation projects.

This is a recording of an online interactive event held in November 2020.

Agroforestry information webinar

In the unfolding climate crisis we are being urged to increase the amount of trees in our landscape to boost carbon capture, but trees in an agricultural system can have a myriad of additional benefits and even add new enterprises to the farm business. Hedges, in-field trees, shelter belts, orchards and grazed woodlands all count as agroforestry and can all have a positive impact on livestock health, soil health, water management and nutrient management.

This video is a record of an event organised by Somerset Wildlife Trust, chaired by Eleanor Higginson, the facilitator of a farm cluster in the Mendip Hills who are part of the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund initiative. Speakers include Lindsay Whistance, Senior Livestock Researcher at The Organic Research Centre and Jeremy Evans, Outreach Advisor for the Southwest at the Woodland Trust.

They discuss what considerations need to be made when establishing an agroforestry system in order to maximise benefits and what those benefits could be.