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Musings from a Country Garden

 3rd May 2017

Musings From a Country Garden, By Bernard Storer

Book Available from Mike Starkey: 50 Monmouth Road 
Tel: 01278 699005 

Price: £4.95


musing from a country gardenWhen I visit my local libraiy, I usually look at the gardening section. There are lots of books which tell the reader how to garden, how to plan, how to prune, how to choose suit­able plants and so on. These are all instructional books to be consulted rather than read through. 

What I look for is a book, or books, about gardens that I can read; rather than consult; read through from beginning to end. It should be enjoyable reading, giving me facts and fancies to think about but in a light-hearted way - ideal bed-time reading. 
I'm sure I am not the only gardener who looks for this type of book, but since these books are so hard to find, I have written my own, combining reminiscences, odd bits of information and quite a bit of speculation. Much of it has come to me when doing some sort of routine jobs in the garden; the mind may be started off by a 'garden' thought but it wanders off down all sorts of trackways. At various times I have, in my mind, revised the NHS, improved the national transport system, and frequently done a better job than the PM! 

Perhaps I should add that some of these musings are based on my memories, and my memo­ries may not be all that accurate. I could have checked times, dates and so on with my note books but turning pipe-dreams into reality can be disheartening; after all, does it matter if bubbles of thought occurred in 1974 or 1978? 
However, I must apologise to the experts in the fields that I have only dabbled in. I am sure that a serious garden historian would find that my ideas on the subject to be amateurish and probably misguided. But, like most gardeners, I am not an academic historian; these articles are intended as light relief and not serious studies. For this book, I have limited myself to thoughts about gardens and the local environment. I hope that readers will share and enjoy these garden inspired ramblings