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Wildlife is in trouble and we are living in one of the most nature depleted countries in the world.

Only a more collective, action-based approach will be powerful enough to address the dwindling health of the natural world and put nature in this country back into recovery – for wildlife, for our children and for us all.  Existing environmental systems and laws are failing us. If we fail to support our natural environment it will not be able to provide homes for wildlife or support us with clean air, rich soil, clean water and food, nor safeguard the health and wellbeing of our communities - all things that we currently take for granted. 

Across the country, the Wildlife Trusts have over 850,000 members. The Wilder Future campaign, launched through the release of the film "Wild in the Willows: A Wild Story," supported by David Attenborough, is a way for us as a movement to come together under an urgent call to action to change the destiny of our natural environment and the wildlife that call it home. Working as one, we have a bigger voice, greater volume, and ultimately can have more impact and influence on key decision makers, policy makers and stakeholders across the country as well as in our own county. Just think what we could achieve if the public added their voice too.

The campaign, is about firstly advocating for political change, and secondly inspiring everyone to make small 'personal' promises to help wildlife and look after their environment in their everyday life – these individual actions adding up to something much bigger across the country, building momentum towards a #WilderFuture.

We are asking politicians for a strong Environment Act which will include measures to drive the creation of a Nature Recovery Network – local maps that protect, create and join up wildlife rich places and allow more people to live closer to nature - which would be at the heart of plans for housing, roads and how land is used. 

We are asking individuals to take small personal actions to show that they care about what happens to their local wildlife and wild places. We’re talking positive actions that can make a direct difference, right here, right now for the future of our wildlife and at a time when our natural environment needs us the most. We also want people to share those actions and experiences with their friends, family, social groups and in their communities - because it’s not just nature enthusiasts that need to act – everyone has a stake in bringing about a positive change in the way we value the natural world, and what it brings to our lives. 

In Somerset we will be bringing together a number of local activities and events that, not only work at a political level but will also reach out and engage with people of all ages, (particularly young people) and from all walks of life - whatever their level of interest is in the environment, nature and wildlife - with the aim to educate, inspire and empower everyone to find ways to connect to, and then stand up for the natural environment in their everyday life.

Together we need to make every space in Somerset count for nature.


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