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King's Castle Wood
Nature Reserve

The ancient iron age hill fort reserve of King’s Castle Wood is a peaceful haven packed with wild flowers in spring and summer and just a walk away from the beautiful historic city of Wells, the smallest city in England.

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What to See






Dog's Mercury


Wood Anemone

At the ancient iron age hill fort of King’s Castle Wood nature reserve look out for early summer woodland butterflies like the orange tip, brimstone and speckled wood attracted by the rich variety of woodland flowers.

Beneath the trees the ground is rich in wild flowers with large swathes of bluebells and dog’s mercury. Uncommon flora and fauna flourish here including solomons seal, spurge laurel, wood goldilocks, herb paris, meadow saffron, toothwort and common gromwell.

The King's Castle reserve is home to important nesting birds including marsh tit and wood warbler.

You can often see roe deer and there are badger setts in the woodland.

29 acres (11.7 ha)



This nature reserve is an ancient semi-natural woodland, made up primarily of ash, hazel and field maple, with planted oak and a fine stand of small-leaved lime.

The main area of woodland at King's Castle on a flat-topped part of the outlying Mendip Hills, where an Iron Age fort once stood. It is one of around 47 hill forts in Somerset.

Health & Safety: Watch out for site management activities.


Location & Access

By car

The reserve is just a mile south-east of the centre of the City of Wells in Somerset, but not accessible by car.

By foot

The main route to the woodland is south from the centre of Wells on the B3139 ­ turn right after half a mile. There is open access at ST 565 456 - walk along the track to the east.


Open access to the public, all year round.

Grid Reference: ST 568 456


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