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Community Barn Owl Project 

Chris & Beau (credit Amano Samarpan)

"With your help we want to get a barn owl box in each of Somerset’s 335 parishes.

"With up to 80 per cent of barn owls now nesting in man-made boxes we need to get more boxes up across Somerset and provide more of the habitat barn owls need."

Chris Sperring MBE, Conservation Officer for the Hawk and Owl Trust and Vice President of Somerset Wildlife Trust with Beau the Barn Owl


Please help give barn owls a new home in every Somerset parish

Barn owl by andrew mason
This past winter has been tough for a lot of wildlife, not least the barn owl whose numbers plummet more during harsh weather than at any other time­ - as food and nesting sites are even more scarce than usual.

Your support is needed most at this critical time of year

Get involved

Host a barn owl box


Report a sighting

Host a barn owl box (Mouldrans Nature Reserve)   Report a sighting (Barn Owl by Brian Phipps)

Could you host a barn owl box for your parish? Here’s what you need to do to get your free box.


Spotted a barn owl? Make sure you tell us about it here and help monitor the success of our project.

Events & volunteer


School visits

Events & volunteer (barn owl credit Darin Smith)
  School visits (Magnified pellet)

Come along to a talk, join an owl prowl and help with local barn owl surveys. View events


See which schools have enjoyed a visit from Chris and Beau and have been building boxes. Schools pgs

Barney the barn owl game

Barney Game

Developed by students from Somerset College. Try it out here


Find out more

Map of boxes


Spring project update 

 Map of boxes (Wookey Farm)
 barn owl2 eve tigwell

Has your parish got its box yet? See where boxes have already gone up and where you could help.


Our update for early spring does not bring good news, as feared, with a diminished barn owl population breeding in 2013. Read more.

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The Somerset Community Barn Owl Project is funded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; a charity that distributes monies from the Landfill Communities Fund.
The project is a collaboration with the Hawk and Owl Trust, a national charity dedicated to conserving wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats.

Report a sighting & 200th box © Brian Phipps; Show your support - photo © Andrew Mason; Chris & Beau - photo © Amano Samarpan; Events & vol - photo © Derin Smith


Live Barn Owl Nest Box Webcam

Click on the arrow above to start the webcam.

Wildlife camera systems by Wildlife Windows Ltd

Let us know what you see on the webcam, leave a comment below

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