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Live Barn Owl Nest Box Webcam

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We are really sorry to say that we are currently unable to provide a Live Barn Owl Camera feed, and it is unlikely that we will be able to do so in time for this year’s breeding season.

Over the last two years, Brenda and Boris, the pair of Barn Owls we have been filming, have allowed us to get a special insight into their lives and  witness the highs, lows and magic moments of raising, in total, nine owlets successfully in this period. We hope they will continue to breed successfully, but technical issues at this particular site mean we are now looking to install a camera at a new and secure location, situated within an optimum habitat for Barn Owls, which will also be able to support a robust and reliable feed from the nest box. As those of you with either with Barn Owls boxes of your own, or who have one in your community will know, you can never guarantee that a box will become home to a breeding pair. We are currently exploring possible sites with landowners and are also looking to introduce live feeds for other species in the future. We hope to update you regularly as to our progress.

Our Community Barn Owl project has been a huge success story across Somerset, and our live feed has introduced many people from well beyond the county to these very special birds. We are hugely grateful for everyone’s support and interest to date and ongoing commitment to ensuring that the protection of this iconic species continues.

If you would like to help us support our work for wildlife in Somerset we would be grateful if you would consider making a donation. Donations made to Somerset Wildlife Trust means that we have the funds to continue our specialist projects for Barn Owls and other protected and iconic species and protect the fragile habitats in which they find homes. Any donation, large or small, really does makes a difference. You can donate on our website here.


Warning: This webcam contains live unedited footage of a family of barn owls. Please understand that at times this may include disturbing images, discretion is advised

Code of conduct: We welcome everyone on to our barn owl forum, but do ask that you be polite and respectful of others. Please do not use any bad language, full capitalisation of posts, offensive or controversial materials, please keep in mind that there will be children viewing this webcam. This forum is open to discussions of this barn owl webcam and barn owls in general.

Thank you for your participation.

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The Somerset Community Barn Owl Project is funded by Viridor Credits Environmental Company; a charity that distributes monies from the Landfill Communities Fund.
The project is a collaboration with the Hawk and Owl Trust, a national charity dedicated to conserving wild birds of prey and owls and their habitats.