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Becky Falkingham

Becky Falkingham

I'm Becky, the survey and monitoring trainee based in Taunton.

I have always had a curiosity about the world around me, from wild animals to fossils and rocks, and during my teenage years became quite passionate about the environment. It is no wonder that I went on to do a degree in Geography at the University of Oxford, choosing to go down the environmental/physical path when choosing optional subjects. My dissertation comparing pollinator preferences for native or non-native plants in Bristol gave me a taste for survey work and ID skills that I was keen to improve upon in the future. Whilst I had a fantastic experience and was exposed to some wonderful academic ideas, it didn’t give me the practical skills for what I came to realise I really wanted to do as career; working in ecology or the conservation sector.

After graduation, I job hunted for a while, before getting part time work and volunteering with Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC) for 6 months, which is closely affiliated with Somerset Wildlife Trust. This helped me to get my face known around the Trust’s Office, and when the Surveying & Monitoring role with the Wildlife Skills trainee scheme came up it seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain the skills I needed for my ideal career.

I love that I am learning more about wildlife each day, from improving my ID skills on grasses to learning how to handle Dormice. I am also looking forward to getting the chance to experience what the other trainees get up to, and hopefully I will get the chance to lay a hedge or teach some kids fun wildlife facts!

Watch this space for updates on my progress!