Volunteer Awards

Volunteer awards

Children helping with ground clearance at Westhay Nature Reserve - Paul Harris/2020VISION

Celebrating our volunteers

We depend on the support of our volunteers and aim to make volunteering at Somerset Wildlife Trust a welcoming and rewarding experience, recognising their efforts throughout the year. Our pin badge scheme recognises the long term commitment of individual volunteers.  

The volunteer awards recognise and celebrate the work of volunteers across the county who have gone above and beyond, giving so generously of their time and skills to create a wilder Somerset. The volunteer awards are presented at our AGM.


Volunteers Awards

Thank you for your nominations. The nomination form is now closed until September 2022. 

The Volunteer Awards 2021 were announced at our AGM. Find out more about the awards and this years winners below. 


Individual: Awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to a wilder Somerset volunteered with or in association with Somerset Wildlife Trust within the last 2 years.

Group: Awarded to couples or groups who have made a significant impact for wildlife in Somerset. Groups may be part of, associated with or independent from Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Youth: Awarded to individuals or groups who are under the age of 25 years who have volunteered with or in association with Somerset Wildlife Trust within the last 2 years.

Long-service award: Awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution and have volunteered with or in association with Somerset Wildlife Trust for at least 10 years. May be a current volunteer or someone who has retired within the last 2 years from the date of award.


The nominations should reflect how the nominees have contributed to one or more of our aims to create a wilder Somerset.

Creating a nature recovery network in Somerset: Delivering practical solutions for natures recovery to combat the ecological crisis and achieve climate resilience.

Building a movement for natures recovery: Engaging and inspiring others to learn about, love and take action for nature.

Telling Somerset story: Recording, monitoring and surveying wildlife to understand and inform.


  • Any individual who volunteers for or in association with Somerset Wildlife Trust can be nominated.
  • Groups may be part of, associated with or independent from Somerset Wildlife Trust but the primarily focus of the work for which they are being nominated must be within Somerset. “Group” may refer to a formally constituted group or an informal group/couple if what they have achieved has been a joint effort and where it would not be appropriate to single out any individual.
  • Where applicable, volunteers can be nominated under more than one category
  • Any supporters, staff and volunteers can submit one or more nominations
  • Volunteers may only receive an award for the same role once in any five-year period
  • Trustees cannot nominate another Trustee
  • Volunteers may receive additional awards for different volunteer roles within SWT
  • Awardees will be chosen by a panel of staff and volunteers.
Individual Awards

Sue Jones & Alice Davidson

Sue is a vital and committed part of the team, assisting both membership and volunteering to give the databases a huge clean. 

Alice is a reserves assistant with the Mendip team and provided vital, skilled support when group volunteering was limited. 

Group Award

Somerset Botany Group

The Somerset Botany Group have been phenomenal in supporting the Wilder Churches initiative that launched earlier in the year.  The results of the surveys have been a huge step in helping to reflect the value of these unique places for wildlife, and have had an enormous impact in shaping the communities plans to make space for nature in their churchyards.

Youth Award

Hannah Dixon

At 8 years old, Hannah walked an incredible 100 km in just 30 days, raising money to help species such as hedgehogs and the large blue butterfly. She really enjoyed getting out into nature and walking for wildlife, and single-handedly raised an amazing £417.50 for Somerset Wildlife Trust!

Long-service Award

Ruth White

Ruth retired earlier this year having committed over 30 years to the work of the Wildlife Trust in various roles including many years supporting the reserves staff, and as secretary of The Private and Community Nature Reserve Network. The PCNR is a valuable community, peer-to-peer support network and Ruth's work has been essential to the running of the group. She will be very much missed!

Our volunteers are vitally important to us, without them we would cease to exist as an organisation. At our volunteer awards, we celebrate their achievements and recognise their dedicated work to support Somerset Wildlife Trust’s aims of creating a Wilder Future for all.

Pin badge scheme

Kindly funded by the Battens Charitable Trust, our pin badge scheme recognises the long term commitment of individual volunteers working for wildlife across Somerset. 

Pin badges are awarded at 5, 10 and 15 years of volunteering. We also have a special "thank you" Bittern badge for volunteers and supporters. The species illustrated on a our badges were chosen to represent some of the iconic wildlife and habitats of Somerset. 

5 Year Volunteering

Large blue butterfly

Formerly extinct in the UK the large blue butterfly Maculinea arion was reintroduced to the Polden Hills in 2000. The Wildlife Trusts are one of a number of partners involved in ensuring proper management of grassland sites and monitoring of populations in their Somerset stronghold. Find out more about the large blue and the management of Green Down nature reserve.  

Ross Hoddinott/2020VISION

10 Years Volunteering

Cheddar pink

The cheddar pink Dianthus gratianopolitanus is Somerset's county flower. It has a very restricted range, growing on dry, sunny limestone rocks in the Mendips - in particular Cheddar Gorge. Find out more about the Mendip Hills.

Ubley Warren Nature Reserve - Matt Sweeting

15 Year Volunteering

European eel

Once abundant in wetland of the Somerset Levels and Moors, the European eel Anguilla anguilla is now a critically endangered species. These freshwater fish play a critical role in our wetland ecosystem, providing food for wetland birds and mammals. They have a complicated life cycle and one of the longest migration journeys on the planet. Find out more about our work for eels in Somerset

Eel - Jack Perks

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