Gardening for Wildlife Group

Gardening for Wildlife Group

People enjoying wildlife garden - Paul Harris/2020VISION

Every garden is a potential nature reserve

Gardening for wildlife is about creating habitats for animals and plants to thrive alongside people. It doesn’t require a lot of difficult management, but rather a general approach following some key principles. Research indicates that most gardens are havens for wildlife in an era of declining natural habitat and climate change.  It is easy to get involved with valuable survey work helping to monitor different wildlife species.

What does the Gardening for Wildlife Group do?

The Gardening for Wildlife group was formed to provide support for those already enjoying wildlife gardening as well as to encourage others.

We will happily visit to give advice and guidance on how to create, develop or improve your green spaces. We also give talks to gardening and other related groups on any topics associated with wildlife gardening.

We have been involved in helping schools develop their grounds to increase biodiversity and maximise the learning potential for the children. Similarly we have assisted Community Groups to create and develop larger areas for wildlife as well as gardens.

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To find out more about Somerset Wildlife Trust's Gardening for Wildlife Group or to get involved please contact Penny Richards at

If you think you can help the group they would love to hear from you!