Social media policy

We encourage commenting and love to hear your thoughts, see your photos and share your experiences. We do however have some guidelines in order to ensure that you have a good experience on our Facebook and Twitter Pages:

  • We ask that you stay on topic, respect other people’s opinions and avoid profanity, offensive or defamatory statements and illegal content.
  • Comments which include bullying or advertising or which are considered "spamming" (posting unrelated content or regularly posting duplicate posts) will be removed where possible and in extreme circumstances the person responsible may be blocked from commenting.

We aim to keep our Pages as friendly as possible, however if you see anything you think is inappropriate you can tell Facebook using the "Flag" option Facebook provides or report a tweet on Twitter.

All intellectual property rights of content we post belong to Somerset Wildlife Trust. Anything which you submit to the Facebook or Twitter page may be shared elsewhere in whole or in part, either by us or by other users.

Please note that our social media pages are managed at intervals during the week, during office hours.