Data retention policy

Somerset Wildlife Trust is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Officer as a Data Controller.  We are committed to keeping the personal details of our members and supporters safe and we will never sell your personal data.  With your permission, we determine why and how your personal data is used as per our Privacy Policy.

Contact details:

  • Head of Business Development & Operations
  • Telephone: 01823 652400
  • Email:
  • Address: 34 Wellington Rd, Taunton TA15AW
  • Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Data retention

We will only keep information about you for as long as we need to.  We make sure that any companies which process your data on our behalf (such as our mailing house) do the same.  We have varying retention periods for different categories of information depending on our legal obligations and whether there is an administrative need, such as answering member queries.

After a retention period has elapsed, the data is deleted or archived.

Type of data Acceptable retention period
Membership database records

For Life & Honorary members for their lifetime.

Paid members for the duration of their membership + 10 full financial years for financial accountability.

Donor database records 10 full financial years from last donation.
Volunteer database records For duration of active volunteering with the Trust. Final disposal after volunteer inactive for 12 months.  Enquire at 12 month point of inactivity and delete if no response after 6 weeks.
Volunteer applications & paperwork For duration of application then transferred to database for active volunteers or erased.
Job applications Unsuccessful candidates’ details will be erased after successful appointment.
All retail orders For 10 full financial years for financial accountability.
Complaints For 5 years for statistical purposes and trend identification.


Data deletion


If you ask us to delete your personal information, we will anonymise your contact details, and delete all personal information from records of past communication. If you want your personal information deleted, please contact Somerset Wildlife Trust.

Last updated: May 2018