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Wildlife to See This Month


TeaselsChris Chappell advises you to drop in to Catcott to see the new developments.

Garden Spider 180Chris Chappell advises you to look out for passing migrants and scruffy moulters this month.

Cattle Egret 180From skimmers to sporangia there's a wealth of wildlife out there. Grab your binoculars and follow Chris Chappell.

Female Broad-bodied Chaser 180Whether you are a photographer or a nature lover Chris Chappell offers a wealth of information and advice this month.

SkylarkCettis, Yaffles, Lords and Ladies - Chris Chappell will guide you to all of them .

Yellowhammer180Chris Chappell explains how to tell your warblers and your chats apart and reveals the delights of the Somerset countryside in Spring.

Dunnock 180All change for a new season. Chris Chappell looks ahead to less wintry days when everything is on the move.

Great Tit 180Get yourselves ready, says Chris Chappell, for the bitterns at Westhay Moor and get those nestboxes cleaned and ready for their new owners. 

Hawfinch 180Search the yew trees in your churchyard, says Chris Chappell for the chance of seeing a Hawfinch.