Group of adults learning about plants

Group of adults learning about plants - Paul Harris

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Private and Community Nature Reserve Network

About the PCNR Network

Somerset’s Private & Community Nature Reserve (PCNR) Network was set up to support owners, land managers and community groups who are keen to conserve wildlife on their land. There are now around 200 members of the PCNR network. 

Together these nature reserves, owned privately and by the community, cover approximately 2000 acres of wildlife habitat. Our membership includes landowners, smallholders, and community groups such as local woodland trusts or community orchards. The land includes ponds, streams, lakes, meadows, hedgerows, orchards and woods (many of which are designated as Local Wildlife Sites), within every kind of terrain in the county. In size they range from rolling acres to the corner of a field. What we have in common is that our priority is wildlife conservation.

The PCNR provides a fantastic opportunity to share experiences and learn from like-minded individuals
Patricia Stainton
PCNR member

What are the benefits?

If you join the PCNR Network, you will get help assessing, planning and implementing good habitat management. The network will give you information and advice and you will have opportunities to meet with other members to share experiences and to enjoy organised events. You will be offered a subsidised botanical survey and the data collected will be held by the Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC).

Our aim is to give information and advice, and to encourage PCNR members to meet together to share experiences and enjoy organised events. Members have a local point of contact who can help members with advice or information and who will organise local visits.

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How do I join the PCNR network?

If you are interested in joining the Private and Community Nature Reserve Network, please get in touch

PCNR network membership is free, but we do suggest that, if they are not already,  PCNR members consider joining Somerset Wildlife Trust as well. 

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