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westhay Lynn NewtonBiodiversity in Somerset

Somerset is home to a staggering variety of plants and animals. This variety of wildlife is what we mean when we talk about biodiversity. Somerset is the only place in the UK where you’ll find the Cheddar Pink flower and other rare and threatened species in the county including the Wood White butterfly and Greater Horseshoe Bat. The Somerset Biodiversity Partnership is working to protect our unique wildlife. Find out more by clicking on the link above.

Action Plans

The Partnership has adopted Biodiversity Action Plans for Somerset. A ten year Somerset Biodiversity Strategy for the whole County and Local Biodiversity Action Plans for all five districts have been agreed. There are also 14 habitats and seven species with their own Action Plans. To access the BAPs, click here

Somerset Local Nature Partnership

Find out about the developing Somerset Local Nature Partnership here.

Biodiversity Projects

Find out about Somerset Biodiversity Partnership projects such as Keeping South Somerset's Orchards Alive and Biodiversity Delivery Areas.  

Our annual Biodiversity Day, organised jointly with SERC is called 'Improving our knowledge of Somerset's wildlife' and takes place on Saturday the 30th June at Edington Village Hall.

How can I get involved?

To reverse the loss of wildlife species and habitats in Somerset we need everyone's help.  You can do your part by volunteering your time on conservation projects, wildlife surveys or find out more at a walk or talk. Even with the smallest patch gardening for wildlife makes a real difference.

Take part in one of the Big Bat Surveys on either the Blackdown or Mendip Hills.  Help increase awareness of our marine wildlife with the new Somerset Living Seas group and help tackle marine litter with Beachwatch

 Picture: Westhay credit Lynne Newton