Somerset Wildlife Trust and the Diocese of Bath and Wells launch 'Wilder Churches'

Somerset Wildlife Trust and the Diocese of Bath and Wells launch 'Wilder Churches'

The joint initiative will support communities to make space for nature in their local churchyard and is set to enhance churchyard biodiversity across the county.

Somerset Wildlife Trust are delighted to be launching a brand new initiative in partnership with the Diocese of Bath & Wells called Wilder Churches. The initiative will see the two organisations come together to support communities to protect biodiversity in their local churchyard or other church land and work together to find ways to increase the value of these special places for wildlife.

Churchyards are often the oldest enclosed piece of land in a parish and many still support a rich variety of wildflowers and wildlife, having remained unscathed from the widespread loss of habitats seen in the wider countryside due to changing land management practices. Many churchyards support wildflower-rich grassland areas, ancient trees and other nooks and crannies that offer homes for invertebrates - food for birds, reptiles and mammals - and are home to many species of bat. Other churchyards, although ‘green’, support less biodiversity, but there is great potential to turn this around and help churchyards become special places for wildlife as well as for people.

Priddy churchyard

Pippa Rayner

The Diocese oversees 477 parishes of over 900,000 people, and they will be working with Somerset Wildlife Trust to bring communities and church leaders together to learn more about their churchyards and how they can manage them with wildlife in mind.  Key to the initiative is the ongoing support that will be provided to anyone and everyone interested in being involved. Launching later this month, regular, free online training sessions will support communities to take positive action at a pivotal time for nature.

Pippa Rayner, Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Engaging with Nature Coordinator is coordinating the initiative.

If we’re to reverse the loss of biodiversity across the UK and within the county, we need to secure a strong, county-wide network of green spaces that can provide homes for wildlife and corridors through which species can travel and expand. Through Wilder Churches, we hope local people will help ensure churchyards and other church land can contribute to that network.
Pippa Rayner
Engaging with Nature Coordinator

Sara Emmett, Assistant Diocesan Environment Officer explains, “With the diocese embracing a new environmental policy, we are delighted to be working together with Somerset Wildlife Trust to support church leaders and communities to increase the value of churchyards and other church land for wildlife.  By regularly getting together online to celebrate successes, share expertise and solve problems as they arise, we will collectively achieve so much more, so this is a really exciting initiative to be involved in.”

Pippa concludes, “Churchyards are really special and unique places, so we will be encouraging everyone to use the ‘3 Cs’ of consideration, consultation and communication at each step along the way. Initially, we will encourage people to simply find out what wildlife their local churchyard already has, as well as talking to everyone already involved in its management. Through the ongoing online training, we will then support communities to identify ways they could help wildlife in their local churchyard, as well as to communicate their ideas, consult others and come up with a plan that works for the church, wildlife and the community.”

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The first training session, launching the initiative, is being held online on Wednesday 24 March from 19.00-20.30.

Everyone is welcome, so for more information or to book a place please click the button below. 

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