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Wildlife Trainee Success

 6th Jun 2017

Perdeep has only been part of our Wildlife Traineeship for two months and has already found a job in the conservation sector - congratulations Perdeep!  Here is a little from Perdeep, on his time with us and where he is off to next:

It’s coming up to the end of my second month as a trainee with the Somerset Wildlife Trust. Like everyone else in the sector I have always loved animals and nature which over time translated into an interest in conservation and environmental science.

Environmental science was my favourite subject at A-level and was incredibly pleased when I received an A*. Studying our exploitation the planets resources and how our mitigate techniques was fascinating. When it came to university I decided to study Zoology at the University of Exeter. It was a tough decision but if I had chosen to study environmental science I would have spent my degree wishing I was studying animals and conservation.  Looking back 2 years of studying environmental science and 3 years studying zoology has provided me with a wider perspective and broader knowledge.

Last May I started volunteering with the Somerset Wildlife Trust to get away from a retail role and to stay in touch with my interest after university.  After a few months of volunteering the Trust asked me to take over the Taunton Wildlife Watch Group where I would be responsible for organising monthly family events.  A few days later I started a full time role at Somerset County Council, organising monthly events while working full-time was problematic to say the least but the challenge developed my organisation.

Being a people person the discovery of community engagement work was like striking gold. I could attend events, schools and reserves to talk about what I love. Writing science for a non- scientific audience and making the complicated simple is another area I would like further experience in. Similarly I love working with kids who don’t have opportunities to get out and learn about the environment so I am considering roles in environmental education. 

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Fast forward to the beginning of April this year I started the Traineeship on my birthday. Trainee positions are rare opportunities to gain full-time, funded experience in a conservation charity.  Volunteering in between my part time job never provided an in-depth insight or experience of the Wildlife Trusts work and when working full-time I had minimal time for involvement. As a trainee I have access to countless opportunities where I’m gaining mountains of experience. Progressing through my time I am developing my skills and confidence in my abilities which I’m sure will help me onto the career path I am seeking.

The experience I gained form the traineeship in planning and leading educational sessions has landed me a temporary role with the Field Studies Council as an Educational Assistant. I will be moving to Pembrokeshire to live at their educational residential centre, Orielton. The centre hosts students of all ages and provided outdoor environmental education which I will be assisting with. My new manager has also encouraged me to apply for the teacher training programme. If I successfully gain a position on their teacher training programme I will have the opportunity to be a tutor at their centres.