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Westhay Moor WildWalk

Key species: Wetland birds, dragonflies and wetland plantsWesthay - WildWalk

1. From the car park turn right and follow the path north alongside one of the lakes formed by historic peat extraction.

2. Turn left by the pull in and head towards the Viridor Hide (A). From the hide follow the drove west past the starling sculpture depicting one of the Levels’ most iconic wildlife spectacles.

3. The gate here provides access into the raised mire (B). Walk through the largest remnant of lowland raised mire in south west England.

4. Follow the path right along the wooded edge, this bears left and takes you through the trees.

5. Turn right along the path on the higher ground and head back across the mire.

6. Upon reaching the gate turn right along the path before heading north at the next left. This track heads north towards the Tower Hide (C).

7. Upon leaving the Tower Hide follow the path south east through the reedbed until you reach the drove.

8. Turn left onto the drove and retrace your route past the Viridor Hide to the car park

A downloadable leaflet of this walk is available here

To submit your wildlife sightings register on WildWalks and then follow this link Westhay Moor WildWalk

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