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Leave a gift in your Will 

Help look after the places YOU love and gift these places to YOUR next generation

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to you, if you have already pledged a gift in your Will to Somerset Wildlife Trust. Your gift will have a lasting impact and ensure that the wildlife and wild places you love are preserved for your friends and family to enjoy in the future. As life members and legacy pledgers Mike and Angela Merrifield explain, ‘Having been members of the Somerset Wildlife Trust for very many years and witnessed the brilliant conservation work they do, we feel the least we can do is to remember the Trust in our Wills. We hope that our gift will help the Trust continue their excellent work in safeguarding Somerset’s wildlife for future generations to enjoy”.

Untitled design (27)Why include us in your Will 

Somerset Wildlife Trust is the county’s largest conservation charity and all the funding we receive is spent on rescuing and restoring Somerset’s wildlife and wild places. Since 1964, we have been working across the county to ensure it remains one of the most varied and wildlife-rich places to live, work and explore.

However, only 27% of our income comes from membership subscriptions, therefore we rely heavily on donations, including gifts in Wills, to continue our challenging work of protecting the wildlife and wild places of Somerset. And, given the uncertain times we are operating in and the expected decline in other funding sources, the income from gifts in Wills is more vital to our work now than ever before.



Remember a Charity Week RAC week

Remember A Charity Week is an annual awareness week designed to encourage more people to take a moment to consider leaving a gift to charity when writing a Will, after taking care of family and loved ones.

Three quarters of Britons regularly give to charity in their lifetimes, yet only 6% currently include a charity when writing a Will. Nevertheless, gifts in Wills are still the foundation of many of Britain’s charities, creating almost £2 billion each year, the equivalent of 19 Comic Reliefs.

Without this income, many smaller charities would simply Dormouse 22.D.32 c Mike Readnot exist and others would have to cut crucial projects and services.Therefore, to raise the profile of gifts in Wills, during the month of September, Somerset Wildlife Trust has teamed up with a selection of solicitors across Somerset to offer its supporters a 20% discount on their Will writing services (there is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to SWT by taking up the offer):

Solicitors offering a 20% discount on Will writing services throughout September:

Everys Solicitors, 5 Heron Gate Office Park, Hankridge Way, Taunton, TA1 2LR. Please contact Will Vine by email or by calling 01823 362874.

Co-op Legal Services, please call 0330 606 9578 and quote ‘Remember A Charity’ or visit their website here. 

Thank you for your support. It is the greatest gift you can leave for local wildlife and one that will never be forgotten.


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How might your gift be spent 

Gifts in Wills have enabled us to plan for future projects, react to emergency situations, buy land adjacent to our reserves to create wildlife networks and engage with schools and local communities.

Small or large, EVERY gift in every Will is valuable to us. Some are expressed as cash or a share of an estate. All are welcomed and will be used to support our work.

Even a gift of 1 percent of your estate could make a real difference to our work and, the great thing is, it does not cost you anything now and allows you to continue supporting our work well into the future. You could even save on inheritance tax if you leave a gift to charity!


Untitled design (29)Our promise

We will not put pressure on you to include us in your Will – it is your decision

We will never ask you the size or type of gift if you decide to support our work this way

We absolutely recognise your loved ones come first in your Will

You never have to tell us your intentions – we respect your right to privacy

We fully understand that personal circumstances change and there might be a time when you must take us out of your Will

We will use your special gift wisely and effectively


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 Make a Pledge 

Gifts in Wills are really important to Somerset Wildlife Trust. By filling out the pledger form below you are not committing yourself and the form is not legally binding! By informing us of your intentions, you are simply allowing Somerset Wildlife Trust to confidently estimate future support for its cause.

Click here to download a pledge form.




It's easy to change your Will Untitled design (26)

If you have already made a Will, but you want to leave a gift to a charity you can make an addition or change it without re-writing your current Will. This addition is called a codicil (or you or your executors could use a deed of variation or letter of wishes).

To leave a gift in your Will to Somerset Wildlife Trust please click here to download the codicil form and take it along to your solicitor. Please note, however, that this form is not legally binding on its own and has to be part of your main Will. We advise you to seek the advice of a solicitor.






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