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We're setting up a group to raise awareness of Somerset’s marine environment. The group will be organising events and campaigns, and will be planning habitat surveys along our coast.

Contact our Living Seas Ambassador Nigel Phillips:



The red seaweed Sea Beach, Porlock Weir by Nigel Phillips

Marine ID

Part of our Living Seas project is to identify and learn more about the wildlife that lives in Somerset’s sea. Find out how to ID that ‘thing’ you saw and don't forget to tell us about it.

What is that 'thing'?




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Somerset Beach Survey

We need to know more about Somerset’s beaches. Please help by making use of the beach questionnaire on this page here.




Hinkley Point C Community Impact Mitigation Fund

Summer 2018 update - We are delighted to be able to start a vital piece of our coastal conservation programme, as we successfully secured funds from the Community Impact Mitigation Fund, negotiated with EDF Energy - as part of a wider mitigation package for the site preparation works at Hinkley Point in West Somerset. The funds will enable us to carry out a three year coastal project focusing on connecting people who live, visit and work on the coast with our stunning coastline – a place that has been little explored, valued or understood to date. 

The project involves delivering a range of exciting coastal events to inspire people to explore the coast, to help parishes make stronger connections with their coastline, and work with schools and youth groups to educate and inspire the next generation about the coast.  Find out more about this work by clicking here