Tell Somerset's story

Tell Somerset's story

Monitoring and informing action for nature’s recovery in Somerset for the longer term

Establishing a baseline for nature

It's really important that we understand what's happening to wildlife in the county both in terms of the biodiversity and abundance of species. Without an understanding of the health, distribution and location of habitats and species we can't make the best decisions for nature’s recovery. If we don't notice wildlife declines, we run the risk of losing species forever.

But where are we starting from?  Our environmental records centre, SERC, holds millions of species records but most are for protected or rare species within higher quality habitats. There is a gap in our knowledge about the numbers and locations of more ‘common’ species such as hedgehogs, bumblebees and blackbirds. With your help, we'll fill those gaps and use our collective data to improve the impact of our Nature Recovery Network.

With SERC, through our Team Wilder programme, we will be running seasonal community science initiatives that support the work of Somerset’s specialist species’ groups and we'll be providing training to help more people develop recording and monitoring skills.  It's early days for this part of our strategy but watch this space for more updates. 

And in the meantime...


Make wildlife count

We need you to be our eyes and ears on the ground, looking out for the wildlife species on your patch and monitoring any changes in the natural environment and then reporting that to SERC. Find out more about what they do. 

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Pick up some wildlife ID skills

Armed with a few basics and some of our helpful spotter guides, you'll be amazed at what you are able to identify in your gardens or local green spaces after a little while. And it's just really satisfying putting proper names to those creatures you might see every day!

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