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Taunton Living Landscape

girl with net © is a Living landscape?

At its simplest a Living Landscape is about joining the dots - linking up habitats so that wildlife can move, thrive and survive. We are working to restore, recreate and reconnect habitats across Somerset, to make sure wildlife is resilient to increasing pressures in the future. If you'd like to find out more about what's behind our Living Landscape projects before reading about what's happening in Taunton click here.

Taunton - a place for wildlife?

Despite continued growth, Taunton remains a reasonably wildlife-rich place, thanks in no small part to the exceptional landscape within which it sits. Otters, water voles, bats and birds of all shapes and sizes live amongst the people, traffic, houses and businesses.  The town's seven Local Nature Reserves, three large green wedges, parks and gardens are all valuable wildlife reservoirs, providing space for a range of species to live. The River Tone, its banks and tributaries are important natural features in Taunton’s built environment, linking up wildlife habitat across the town, and providing a home to many species of plant and animal. Road verges and hedgerows form additional links in the habitat network across the town.

What's the threat to wildlife?

Although Taunton has some wildlife havens, much more needs to be done if wildlife is to thrive across the town, and opportunities for people to enjoy nature are to increase. Taunton’s wildlife is under threat from population growth, development, and changes in land management practises, which are leading to habitat loss, fragmentation and isolation. Wildlife loss affects us all -­ it has environmental implications, as well and cultural, social, and economic consequences too.

How will we create a Living Landscape? 

To address these challenges, a Living Landscape approach is needed, coupling strategic effort with on-the-ground action. By working across the whole community -­ from local residents to local government, from businesses to charities ­- everyone with an interest in Taunton can be brought together to do their bit for our wildlife. Taunton Living Landscape will bring together the community to enhance and connect green and blue spaces, creating a joined-up network of natural spaces where wildlife can thrive, and people can feel alive.

How will local people benefit?

Beyond addressing the ongoing decline in biodiversity, Taunton Living Landscape will bring benefit to local communities. Access to a vibrant natural environment improves our health and well-being, making people happier and healthier. It gives people space to commute, space to play, space to exercise, space to learn…space to sit and be. Access to nature is important for all of us. 

What can I do?

We're glad you asked! And, we've set up a whole page of really simple things to do, and ways to get involved - just click here.

If you would like to find out more about the Taunton Living Landscape, have ideas to share, or would like to let us know what you're doing for wildlife in Taunton, contact us using the form below.

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