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Somerset’s marine mammals

 A good place to look

Marine mammal sightings are more common at the western end of Somerset’s coast and Hurlestone Point is a very good look out point over the sea, and can be reached from the National Trust car park at Bossington.


Atlantic, also known as grey, seals have been seen along all of Somerset’s coast, but only in small numbers. they have been seen most recently from Hurlestone Point and also Dunster Beach. They also frequent the beaches of the island of Steep Holm out in the Bristol Channel.

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Atlantic, or grey, seals

Harbour Porpoise

The Harbour Porpoise is seen along the coast throughout the year with highest number of records between May and July. Sightings have been at Hinkley Point, Minehead, Hurlestone Point and Porlock Weir.


Although Dolphins are periodically seen off this coast, unfortunately, most records for these species relate to dead or dying animals stranded on beaches.

Tell us what you see

If you see a marine mammal in Somerset’s sea please let us know. If you are not sure exactly which species you have seen don’t worry, just tell us where and when you spotted something. Any information on these charismatic and threatened animals will help us build up a much better picture of Somerset’s sea life.

Send your sightings to our Marine Ambassador, Nigel Phillips at

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