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Orchids at Eleys Field - Liz EleyWho is eligible?

Anyone who owns or manages land and is interested in managing it for the benefit of wildlife.

Can Community groups join?

Yes, we already have some members who joined on behalf of local groups that own land collectively, such as woods and wildflower meadows.

What is the cost of PCNR membership?

It’s free. But we do suggest that, if they are not already,  PCNR members consider joining Somerset WIldlife Trust

Will membership mean that other conservationists will pester me?

No. Our mailing list is never shared.

What are the advantages for me?

The Network will help you assess, plan and implement good habitat management. The Trust’s belief is that the more informed landowners become, the greater the benefits to wildlife. Those of you who enjoy meeting like-minded people will also have the opportunity to get to know other PCNR owners at our organised events and to exchange infomation and ideas.


• Annual all-day seminar on habitat management matters.

• Annual walk and talk at a reserve.

• PCNR Newsletters.

• Local Area Contacts for advice.

• Informal visits to members’ reserves.

• The knowledge you gain from the experience of other PCNR members.

• Help with botanical surveys.

• A PCNR owner’s habitat management guide is available.

• Telephone advice from Somerset Wildlife Trust.

PCNR membership form

 include six figure grid reference if possible 
 E.g grassland, woodland, hedgerow etc 
  *Indicates a field you must enter.

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