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Is your community, church or school taking action for a Wilder Somerset? Add your group or project to the Team Wilder map and help spread the word!

To appear on the map your group or project’s primary purpose must be action for nature in Somerset, which can include practical action, recording, campaigning, fundraising and education. Somerset Wildlife Trust will review submissions and if we require further details we will get back to you – your pin will appear within 2 weeks.

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Find out more about our Team Wilder ethos and our project pins

The Team Wilder Ethos – What is this map for?

Together we need to create a strong, interconnected network of wild spaces and healthy habitats that provide space for nature to thrive and restore the resilience of our ecosystems at a landscape scale. The Team Wilder map celebrates the groups and projects across Somerset that are doing this. As the map grows people will be able to find out what's going in their local area and join in - we'll also be able to identify where there are gaps to help target our efforts.

Whilst we want to celebrate a wide range of projects, to appear on the map your group or project’s primary purpose must be action for nature recovery in Somerset. This includes projects which are:

Creating a nature recovery network in Somerset: Delivering practical solutions for natures recovery to combat the ecological crisis and achieve climate resilience.

Building a movement for natures recovery: Engaging and inspiring others to learn about, love and take action for nature.

Telling Somerset’s story: Recording, monitoring and surveying wildlife to understand and inform.

Not sure which pin your group fits under?

Community Action Group: Across Somerset people are coming together to reclaim spaces for nature and creating happy, healthier, wilder communities. Whether you’re managing a nature reserve, planting trees on a forgotten playing field, finding green solutions for your village or leading a wildlife gardening campaign.

Source to Sea Group: These are groups taking action for Somerset’s freshwater, coastal and marine habitats through monitoring, campaigning and practical work.

Recording Group: Recording groups focus on monitoring and surveying species, habitats and natural features.

Wilder Churches: is a new partnership initiative between Somerset Wildlife Trust and the Diocese of Bath and Wells that is supporting communities to get to know the wildlife in their local churchyard or burial ground and increase the value of these special places for wildlife. We are also keen to encourage, support and celebrate other faith groups who are carrying out similar activities.

Wilder Schools: We’re looking for primary and secondary schools that are committed to taking meaningful action to transform their school environment and make a positive impact for nature in their communities. This could include having an active eco-committee in place, completing the Eco-Schools Award or working towards the Coastal Champions Award.

Generation Wild: Children and Young People are the change makers of the future and today. Generation Wild is for groups run by and for children and young people that give them an opportunity to learn, explore, campaign and make a change for nature!

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