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What is Biodiversity?

Bee on flower copyright Alison Slade

Biodiversity (short for biological diversity) is “the variety of life”. It also refers to the totality of living things in a particular area or region. All living organisms, ranging from the largest mammals and trees to the smallest invertebrates and fungi, contribute to biodiversity.

Over 150 nations have agreed to protect biodiversity by signing the Convention on Biological Diversity at the Rio Earth Summit in 1999. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan sets out national targets for the conservation of our most important and threatened “priority” species and habitats. The Somerset Biodiversity Strategy and associated Local Biodiversity Action Plans - comprising Species Action Plans and Habitats Action Plans - help turn those national targets into action, alongside meeting identified Somerset biodiversity conservation .


The Somerset Biodiversity Partnership

The Somerset Biodiversity Partnership comprises of a broad range of public, private and third sector bodies, including Somerset Wildlife Trust. To see all the members click here.  A Local Nature Partnership is also under development for Somerset.

The Partnership works together for the protection and enhancement of the natural environment and biodiversity of Somerset. The Partnership Officer, based at the Somerset Wildlife Trust offices in Wellington is Ali Slade Tel: 01823 652409. 

There is also a wider Biodiversity Forum, which includes all of the members of the Somerset Biodiversity Partnership and also representatives from other relevant organisations, local groups and specialists. If you would like to receive email news updates  we invite you to join the Biodiversity Forum by contacting Joy Williams, Environment Directorate, Somerset County Council, Taunton Tel: 01823 355663 Email:

Bee on flower copyright Alison Slade