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Wildlife Crime

Wildlife Crime

Wildlife Crime issues in Somerset are dealt with by the the Wildlife Crime Officers at Avon and Somerset Constabulary. If you have evidence of a wildlife crime having been committed, or suspect that one has been committed you should contact the police directly.

What is a wildlife crime?

Wildlife crime is committed when an offence under certain Acts of Parliament has been breached.

Offences often involve cruelty and the unlawful killing of wild mammals and birds, some of which are protected species. This may also include site clearance or hedgerow removal during the bird breeding season but it will need to be proved that breeding birds have been directly affected.

What warrants investigation?

Avon and Somerset Constabulary will investigate when offences under legislation are suspected of being committed, in particular those offences in relation to:

  1. Unlawful trapping/snaring of wild animals
  2. Unlawful hunting of wild mammals
  3. Killing, injuring, taking, disturbing etc. wild birds
  4. Taking/possessing/destroying wild birds eggs/nest disturbance
  5. Badger persecution
  6. Killing, injuring, taking, disturbing etc. wild bats
  7. Damaging protected sites
  8. Unlawful poisoning of wildlife
  9. Stealing wild plants
  10. Unlawful hunting and poaching
  11. Unlawful trade in endangered species


To report a wildlife crime in Somerset please visit the Avon and Somerset Constabulary website by clicking here, call 101, or visit a local police station.