Somerset Wildlife Trust

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Somerset's Brilliant Coast 

This project aims to ensure Somerset’s coastal landscape is loved, enjoyed and celebrated by its local communities for its immense variety, the richness of its wildlife and the contribution it makes to their health and wellbeing.          

The project is mainly funded by Hinkley ‘C’ Community Impact Mitigation Fund working alongside those communities, between Minehead and Brean that are impacted by the construction of the Nuclear Power Station. It is receiving additional funds from the Somerset Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.

It aims to foster an even deeper, more long-term connection to our special coastal places and wildlife, improving individual personal wellbeing and embedding the love of our coast as part of a foundation for healthy and resilient communities.

The project has three strands through which it is delivering novel and exciting community engagement, education and volunteering initiatives across the Somerset coast: Curious Coasts, Parish Shores and Wild Beach.


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