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Somerset Wildlife Trust Announces the Line-up for Taunton Wildlife Week 2016

 24th May 2016



Somerset Wildlife Trust is pleased to announce the full line-up of events and activities for this year’s Taunton Wildlife Week – an annual celebration of the town’s green spaces and wild places, and the wildlife that lives there.  Launched on Saturday 18th June as part of ‘Somerfest’, and continuing through to Sunday 26th June, Taunton Wildlife Week is part of SWT’s ‘30 Days Wild’ initiative – one that aims to encourage people to insert nature into their everyday life  to make us happier and healthier.

The Trust’s Taunton Local Area Group will be putting on an entire week of nature-based activities which explore the rich natural heritage of our town. There is an incredible choice of events to participate in for all the family, whether young and old; singing, wildlife photography, canoeing, wildlife gardening, stories, bat walks, fishing and a family day at the Museum of Somerset on 25th June.

Nick Tomlinson, Project Manager, Routes to the River Tone at Somerset Wildlife Trust tells us what it’s all about:  “Spending time in nature makes us happier and healthier. Be it feeling the grass beneath your toes, encouraging wildlife in your garden or listening to birdsong, there is a growing body of evidence that being outside is good for us.  Taunton Wildlife Week is a fantastic opportunity for people in Taunton to find an activity that fits with their interests and lifestyles, and gets the whole family out into the great outdoors and feeling good.

“And being more connected to nature, means we become more inclined to protect it – and that underpins everything that Somerset Wildlife Trust does. When people get involved in nature and wildlife they realize that protecting the landscapes on our doorstep is about the little things we can do as individuals that make a big impact on a larger scale – for us and for wildlife. So we all need to get out there during Taunton Wildlife Week and make the most of the wonderful green spaces that Taunton has, alongside exploring the treasures of the River Tone!”

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