Switch on, tune in and connect! Somerset Wildlife Trust launches SWTtv

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Somerset Wildlife Trust are pleased to announce the launch of SWTtv.

Somerset Wildlife Trust are pleased to announce the launch of SWTtv.  Accessed through the website, SWTtv comprises six ‘channels’, including Kids, Make & Do, CampaignTV, and Learn &  Explore, where visitors can view a range of video content from around the Wildlife Trust movement, including ‘how to’ activity videos, kids content, campaign films, webcams and much more. Viewers can get a nature fix even if that has to be just on a screen in their own front room. Wherever you are, SWTtv will bring nature to you!

With so many people now working from home, self-isolating or social distancing, the new area of the website aims to bring wildlife closer to people at times they may not be able to visit their favourite natural places. Somerset Wildlife Trust will be adding to the channels regularly so the content will stay up to date and fresh.

Head of Communications, Kirby Everett says, “Since the launch of the Trust’s new website at the end of last year, we have worked really hard to deliver regular, new and engaging content on the site to bring people closer to our work, connect to the natural world, learn about the amazing wildlife and habitats we have here in Somerset, and to help inspire them to act for nature in their everyday lives. 

“The Covid-19 crisis has meant that even more so than ever people are turning to the nature they find on their own doorstep to improve their mental wellbeing, so we have an even warmer audience for nature-based content than ever before and the potential to bring more people on board.  And for existing Trust members, supporters and volunteers it keeps them connected to our work whilst they are unable to work with us and engage with us at events or other activities.

“SWTtv is a natural follow on from the Activity Zone we launched several weeks ago and provides a range of channels and videos to suit a range of interests, whether you are a parent looking for some things to do with kids at home, or are interested in learning more about our work and specific campaigns, or just want to watch wildlife go by on webcams from around the country. You can also access an audio channel through the SWTtv home page, where you will find recently launched brand, Sundays@6.  We will update the channels regularly so hope people tune in when they need their nature fix.”

SWTtv is bringing nature to you right now, so go check it out below

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