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Our Social Media is Branching Out

 31st Mar 2017

We are excited to tell you that we have a series of new Twitter accounts that will share news from specific areas of our work. From the latest finds on our reserves, to new volunteer opportunities, there are six new Twitter pages for you to find out about the things that interest  you most about what we do.  You are likely to see these pictures out and about in the world of social media from now on. Read on to find out more. Why not  follow one...or all of them.

Twitter Profile Pics5


Follow @ SWTmeadows to hear news and events about restoring wildflower meadows across the county.





Twitter Profile Pics


Follow @SWTcoast: to learn about what makes Somerset’s coast so special and why it needs our help to protect it.





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Follow @SWTvolunteer to hear news of volunteering opportunities and our wonderful volunteers.





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Follow @SWTlevels to hear news about Somerset's Levels and Moors and the wildlife you can find there.





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Follow @SWT wellbeing to hear news on events, ideas and news about health and wellbeing and how connecting with nature can improve it.




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Follow @SWT Reserves to hear news from our reserves and the wildlife that calls them home.