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Events in your local community or workplace

Throughout the year, people are fundraising in their local communities and workplaces across Somerset for many charities, both national and local. Many community events support one or more charity often as a result of someone who is part of that community suggesting their favourite charity to the organising committee.

We’d like more of our members and supporters to do just that and help us raise awareness of Somerset’s wildlife and funds to help us continue our work. All the money raised will spent in Somerset helping ensure both the county’s wildlife and the people who live here can continue to experience what’s so magical about connecting with wildlife.

Nicky Saunter

So please do ask if Somerset Wildlife Trust can be this year’s charity of choice in your local village, company, school, WI or organisation. We will be pleased to support you by providing information and materials and we will also aim to promote your event via our social media channels etc. For more information please get in touch at