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Lianne de Mello

Grow wild kids!

We LOVE the natural curiosity of children.  It's so important that nature captures the hearts and minds of our small folk so, when they grow up, they still have nature in their hearts to protect it in the future. Here's some videos for the kids in your life to get them excited about the natural world....and for you to have fun together as well!

London Wildlife Trust

Did you know there are 18 species of bat in the UK? And that they actually have excellent eyesight! Alison from London Wildlife Trusts is here to tell us everything we need to know about these marvellous mammals! 

Wildlifewatch/Devon Wildlife Trust

Why not keep a record of your wild adventures with a journey stick? Join Zoe from Devon Wildlife Trust and Seaton Jurassic for inspiration and to find out how to make one yourself! 

London Wildlife Trust

Craft one of these marvellous mammals to fly in your own home! Follow along with Fiona from London Wildlife Trust to find out how.

Wildlife Watch/Alderney Wildlife Trust

Find out about collecting and displaying your nature finds with Claire from Alderney Wildlife Trust!

Wildlife Watch/London Wildlife Trust


How do snails see the world? Why do male and female birds of the same species look different? Join Abi from London Wildlife Trust and find out all about colour in nature!

The Wildlife Trusts

Join Leanne from The Wildlife Trusts and plant up your own nectar bar, providing a feast for pollinators!

Wildlife Watch

Join Yussef (The Zoology Guy) and learn how to make your very own basking shark from recycled materials!

Wildlife Watch 

Learn all about worm charming!

Wildlife Watch

Join Rachel and Zach as they show you how to make a wormery!

Wildlife Watch

Why not make your own nesting stocking for the birds!

Wildlife Watch

Join The FUNgi Guy for an introduction to the awesome world of FUNGI!

Wildlife Watch

Join Tom from The Wildlife Trusts as he takes us on a lesson in birdsong! Listen for the trills and patterns in their song to help identify birds when you hear them out your windows or on your walks.

Avon Wildlife Trust

A perfect session for under-fives and their parents and carers, learning how to spot wildlife from home. There's a special furry presenter too!

Hampshire & the Isle of Wight

Get involved with this colours of nature activity.

Hampshire & the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Bake some Hedgehog inspired bread rolls.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust

Learn how to play Camouflage Caterpillars.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust/Wildlife Watch

Join Alice from Lancashire Wildlife Trust as she shows us how to make some binoculars to help you focus on the birds you might be seeing out of your window! You can find the activity card below!

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