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The State of Nature Report 2016

State of Nature Stats

It’s not too late to save UK nature but we must work together and act now to put nature back where it belongs.  Following on from the ground breaking State of Nature report in 2013, leading professionals from 53 wildlife organisations including the Wildlife Trusts have again pooled their expertise and knowledge to present the clearest picture to date of the status of our native species across land and sea.

Monitoring the way our nature changes is the only way we can identify serious areas of concern, and comprehensive reports such as State of Nature provide the evidence base we need to ensure that we design conservation programmes that directly address areas of concern, and enable us to measure the success and impact of these programmes on our wildlife and their habitats.

You can play your part in helping us protect Somerset’s Wildlife.

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Time is running out for wildlife and now more than ever we need your support to take action. By becoming a member of Somerset Wildlife Trust you can help protect the species you love in the landscapes where you live. Your monthly contribution, however small, can make a real difference in helping us manage land more effectively, secure our most fragile wildlife habitats for vulnerable species, and enable us to continue to collect data and information that enables us to design landscape-scale conservations programmes that deliver direct, longer-term benefits for our wildlife.

With your support, together we can do brilliant work– so please join us today and say YES to wildlife!

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