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Somerset Wildlife Trust has reached a critical point in the care of some of its most important nature reserves so we have created The Somerset Nature Reserves Fund to provide vital funds for our most urgent projects.

Please help us accelerate positive changes for wildlife in Somerset and enable us to take action now to help important habitats to achieve long-term resilience in the face of the changing climate and other external pressures, which can have devastating impacts on our most vulnerable wildlife.

With your funding the Somerset Wildlife Trust team will make sure that our nature reserves continue to excite and inspire people today and for generations to come.

You can meet some of the people involved in restoring and maintaining Somerset’s wild landscapes, fragile habitats and learn more about the work we need to do on our reserves below.

TIM“Our reserves have an extremely important part to play in providing essential areas of secure habitat where species under threat can not only survive, but thrive. They also act as stepping stones within the wider landscape to ensure that Somerset as a whole remains a county as rich in nature as it was in decades gone by.

“We simply don’t have the funds at present to restore priority habitats as quickly as we need to, or on a larger scale which would allow far greater movement of wildlife within and between our sites, which strengthens existing populations and enables new ones to establish themselves.

"We need additional funds to ensure that the successes we have achieved to date are future-proofed, and that we are able to build on them and fund important work in the future.”

Tim Youngs, Director of Land Management