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Hairy Dragonfly

Hairy Dragonfly

Scientific name: Brachytron pratense

The Hairy Dragonfly is a European dragonfly of the family Aeshnidae. It is also known as the Hairy Hawker. It is named for its hairy thorax, distinguishing it from other hawkers. It is the United Kingdom's smallest hawker, length 55mm. The most immediate aid to identification is its early flight period, as it is on the wing in May, June into early July, so rarely coincides with the flight periods of the bigger hawkers.

It has a a coloured, chitinous patch on the outer region of each wing. The antehumeral stripes are usually thin and green. The Hairy Dragonfly has coupled, oval-shaped markings on its abdomen, blue on males and yellow on females.

It lives in ponds, lakes, fens, ditches, and canals rich in vegetation. It will only fly in sunshine and will hastily retreat if the sun happens to go in.

Information and photograph courtesy of Wikipedia