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Garden Plaque

Show your support for wildlife gardening by applying for a free 'This is a wildlife plaque landscapewildlife garden' plaque that will let everyone know what you are doing to help wildlife in Somerset. Read on to find out if your garden is eligible.

Requirements for the plaque

To attract wildlife into your garden you need to consider the basic needs of life, which fall into four broad categories: 1) food, 2) shelter, 3) water and 4) places to breed.

In order to qualify for a plaque your garden needs to provide at least six of the following wildlife-friendly features, including one from each of the four columns below.

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for your plaque




Wildlife-friendly management

Bird feeders, such as seeds, nuts and fat balls

Plant creepers on vertical surfaces or trellis for nesting and feeding

Wildlife pond -­ one without fish

Leave perennials standing till spring

Nectar-rich flower borders and bushes

Mixed native hedge (or fedge)

Bog garden­ or permanently wet area

Leave some lawn to grow longer

Shrubs and trees with nuts and berries

Dead wood, log piles or big tree stumps

Bird bath

Save water; ­use rain butts

Go easy on ‘prey’ pests such as greenfly and slugs; reduce your use of herbicides and pesticdes

Bird, bat or hedgehog box

Proximity to a stream or other water

Compost garden and kitchen waste ­- go peat free

Flowers, fruits and seeds available throughout the year

At least one mature tree


Sit back and enjoy the wildlife


Apply for a plaque

Send photographs and a short summary of the wildlife features in your garden to Somerset Wildlife Trust, 34 Wellington Road, Taunton, TA1 5AW or complete the online form and upload photos here. As long as you have at least six wildlife-friendly features in your garden, we'll send you a plaque in the post.