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Somerset's Brilliant Coast Appeal 2018

The threats to Somerset’s coast not only remain, but                                final sidebar for e-shot            have continued to gather pace.

Two years ago we made you aware of the huge pressure Somerset’s coast is under primarily from development, the pursuit of renewable energy generation and the escalating impacts of climate change. We explained how worried we were that decisions about our coast were being made without evidence or data.

Thanks to donations to Somerset’s Brilliant Coast 2016 appeal we were able to start Somerset’s first ever coastal survey to collect the evidence and data needed. We have made some incredible discoveries so far, but we cannot finish the survey as we do not have the funds to do so. Your help is needed again.

We know that you value Somerset’s wildlife, are passionate about the special places that our county has to offer, and that you care that they remain for the next generation to enjoy. Your support will ensure that the stunning habitats that our coastal wildlife - and you - enjoy today, don’t disappear tomorrow.

By making a donation to this urgent appeal, you can ensure our vital survey is finished and that evidence can be turned into action to protect our coast.

By giving today, you are giving the wildlife jewels on our coast the chance to thrive and shine tomorrow.

Please view the short film below about the wonderful coast on your doorstep.


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Pictures: edmundsella pedata©alexandermustard2020vision, GlaucusPimplet©NigelPhillips,