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Big Taunton Litter Pick 2019 

23rd  - 29th September 2019

The #BigTauntonLitterPick is back for a second year! This time it’s going big, with the litter pick going from being on just one day to an entire week! 

The ambition remains the same; to work together with local businesses, community groups, schools and residents to get out and clean up the town for the benefit of all. It’s taking a positive step towards ensuring our wonderful green spaces and waterways are beautiful and healthy places for all our urban population, both people and wildlife.

big taunton litter pick image

Channel Adventure and a group of volunteers from Viridor are helping to support this event once again this year by taking to the water in canoes and kayaks to clear a stretch of the River Tone. 

There are a number of ways you can get involved this year. You can:

  • Choose to do a litter pick on whichever day suits you best, just let us know and we will then promote your litter pick here to drive as many people to get involved as possible. Those taking part can also raise awareness by using the hashtag #BigTauntonLitterPick.
  • As an individual or as a family find a litter pick happening near you and join in!
  • If you are really pressed for time and can’t come along to an event, how about doing your own little #2minutestreetclean where you live or work; small actions all add up and can have a hugely positive effect on our town.

What will you do?

Organised Litter Picks

Date Time Group Name Location Meeting Point Booking/Contact
26th 10am-11am Friends of Comeytrowe Comeytrowe Park Meeting at the main gate to Comeytrowe Park at the top of College Way near Stone Close, nearest postcode TA1 4YQ Please email if you would like to join in this litter pick
28th 10am - 1pm Inland Waterways Association Volunteers Riverside footpaths McDondalds car park in Hankridge Business Park, TA1 2LP Please contact Steve Bulgin to let him know if you wish to attend. or phone 07855794256
28th TBC Friends of Longrun Meadow Longrun Meadow TBC Helen Lawy:

Keep checking back for more organised litter picks!

Other groups getting involved include: Lloyd and Whyte, Viridor, Richard Huish College and local residents Linda and Clive. Thank you!

Please contact Olivia Dullaghan at to find out more and get involved!

Pictures: Header picture © Ian Brown, Viridor volunteers © Beccy Willmetts