After the crisis, what happens next?

After the crisis, what happens next?

Sunrise from Burrow Mump, Somerset Levels - Guy Edwardes/2020VISION

Things have changed rapidly and dramatically.  As we start to consider life after lockdown, we have a unique opportunity to reimagine society, and the Trust has a chance to influence this. We need your thoughts on what a different world could look like.

1. Have you noticed any changes around you?
3. Where have you been spending time outside? (tick all that apply)
Nature has been important for relieving stress

Thinking about life after lockdown

5. Are there any lifestyle changes that you would keep after lockdown? Compared to life before lockdown, how far do you agree with the following? 

I would be more likely to: 

Work from home
6. Are there any ways of living that you are particularly looking forward to going back to or new behaviours that you can't wait to stop and if so, why?
7. Are there any lessons from lockdown that you think employers should consider? How far do you agree with the following statements.

After lockdown, employers should consider:

Flexible working
8. Are there any lessons that you think Government and public bodies should consider?  How far do you agree withe the following statements. 

After lockdown, governments and public bodies should:

Invest in green and digital infrastructure rather than roads
Ensure that there are accessible green spaces in urban environments and new developments
Take pressure off local nature, e.g. leave wilder areas in parks, let flowers grow on verges and reduce use of pesticides
Create more pedestrian and cycling routes and space
Value and protect nature worldwide to help prevent future pandemics
Create new green models of economic growth that reduce pollution and combat climate and nature crisis
9. What are your hopes for the future? We would love for you to tell us in writing, or record or video and send in your hopes for a better, wilder future.
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