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Get involved and help keep Taunton tidy

Do you hate litter? So do we.

It's unattractive, harmful to our wonderful wildlife and pollutes our waterways.

Which is why Somerset Wildlife Trust is really pleased to be launching the #BigTauntonLitterPick - a new initiative aimed at encouraging local schools, businesses, community groups and residents to come together to clean up the town for both people and wildlife.

You can help keep Taunton tidy by joining in the #BigTauntonLitterPick on Tuesday 13th November.

There's a couple of ways you can get involved - you can organise your own litter pick in your local park, the streets surrounding your home or workplace, or in the school playground and sports fields, for example, with your colleagues, friends, family or a community group. We can help you promote your litter pick by adding the details below, to help you get more fantastic volunteers to join your cause!

Please contact Olivia Dullaghan at or call 01823 652407 and tell us about what you have planned and we'll add it to the list of events running below!

Alternatively, why not join in with an event that's already running in your local area and needs volunteers, as listed below?

Really strapped for time? You can still help Taunton's wildlife thrive and reduce litter in our Garden Town by performing a #2minutestreetclean on your patch. These small actions all add up and can have a huge positive effect for our local environment. Go litter crazy for 2 minutes and you'll notice the difference!

If you, your school or your business is taking part, you can raise awareness and show your passion for a cleaner, greener Taunton by using the hashtags #BigTauntonLitterPick and #2minutestreetclean on social media. Don't forget to tag us @SomersetWT so we can see your amazing work and share it with our followers!

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The #BigTauntonLitterPick movement will hopefully become an stand-out event in Taunton's calendar that sees our green spaces and waterways become more attractive and healthy places for everyone to enjoy, and will help ensure our urban wildlife survives and thrives. 

Need some advice, have questions or want your event added to this webpage? 
Please contact Olivia Dullaghan at or call 01823 652407

For open events where you would like volunteers, we just need to know the group/area of your litter pick, where you are meeting, how long the pick is likely to run, and some contact details if people need to contact you about your event. 


The following events are keen for your help - why not come along?

  • Friends of Longrun Meadow
    Meet at the Oak Barn in Longrun Meadow at 2pm.
    Litter pick runs from 2pm - 3.30pm
    Please contact Helen Lawy for more information on
  • Friends of Comeytrowe Park
    Meet at the main gate of Comeytrowe Park at 11am. 
    Litter pick runs from 11am - 12pm
    Please email for more information
  • Stowey Green Spaces Group on Saturday 17th November
    Meet at the portacabin at the Netherstowey recreation grounds at 10am. 
    Litter pick runs from 10am - 12pm. 
    Please email Richard at
  • Taunton Green Parents
    Please meet at Bishop's Hull Playing Field outside the sports pavilion.
    Litter pick runs from 2 - 4pm.
    Please email for more information

Check back later for more events & up to date meeting places and times!


Private events also running (sorry - no volunteers needed for these!):

  • Taunton Canoe Club
  • Tesco Superstore
  • Bishops Henderson School
  • Blackbrook School   
  • Magdalene St. and Cannon St. 
  • Green Days Day Care
  • Cotford St Luke Primary School
  • Tops Mini Mariners,  Hankridge
  • St George's Catholic School
  • Whitmore Lane and Langford Lane

Meanwhile, also on Tuesday 13th November, Somerset Wildlife Trust, together with a volunteer group from Viridor Waste Management and Inland Waterways, and with the help of Channel Adventure and Coach, will be taking to Canadian canoes and paddling Taunton's waterways to collect as much plastic from the river as possible. Give our volunteers a wave if you see them paddling the river on Tuesday 13th November!
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